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December 22nd, 2014 - - Schpleee will soon be adding products from the Crim Orgasmic Farm including pottery and penis candles made from pure native Iowan beeswax!

February 16th, 2009 - - Schpleee proudly announces the creation of Schpleee Books, offering some titles as well as original artwork!

September 9th, 2008 - I added some new high-end Electric Airsoft Guns and some metal sniper Spring Airsoft Guns, some new Airsoft Accessories, and a whole bunch of Airsoft Ammo today - ENJOY! :)

September 5th, 2008 - I have added sections for Estes Rockets, Paintball guns, Remote Control Toys, Building Toys, and Batteries!

Performer HelicopterWe now offer cool Micro RC Helicopters! 8-DPerformer Micro HelicopterCategory: RC Airplanes

07/09/06 - Schpleee Technologies Inc. prides itself on its reputation of FAST shipping service! To get your product(s) even faster, please pay in the AM, and your order will usually go out the same day! Since Schpleee is located in Iowa, about the center of the USA, most shipments are received by the customer in just a few days! :-)

Schpleee Technologis Inc. offers cool Airsoft, Electric Airsoft Guns, Spring Airsoft Guns, Airsoft Ammo, Airsoft Accessories, Paintball, Estes Rockets, RC Helicopters, RC Airplanes, Remote Control Toys - and batteries to run them!

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